Which Games Are Good For Toddlers?

So what would be on tonight’s menu sir? People, who live and breathe online, have a lucrative taste when it comes to finding new stuff to play or rent. Demos are a gamers’ best friend, especially the 60 minute ones, and it takes some serious monies to be able to get the latest and most satisfying games out there. For Family Nights i personally partake in the used games stock, bestchoicetv.com/, you never know when nostalgia rears its head, and you feel a need to play it to feel that sensation again and again, some games are required to buy like the heavy titles, but others, well they don’t require the same type of devotion to the grind wheel. Stores like GameStop are trading in the old games and systems, the benefits are this, lower priced games and hardware, excellent condition and selection, and if one is willing to wait, you can get the latest and greatest for almost half price, the only downside is this, multiplayer experiences, it is almost impossible to get to the top of the leaderboards, they are gamers out there who only get the major titles, and play the living code out of them. But with time and a lot of devotion you too can be there with the elite. Take a look here to learn more: GameStop to Sell Steam Wallet Codes in Stores

The Easiest Sites On The Internet For Buying Video And PC Games .

Video games have become such a huge business that there are now hundreds of places to buy games online. While the buying experience will go smoothly on most of these websites, there are still a few places that set themselves apart from the rest. If you buy your PC and video games from these two websites, then you will get your games quickly and never have a bad experience.

Amazon has quickly become the premiere online retailer for almost anything, and Read the rest of this entry »

Gaming Systems

The three major current generation platforms are the Nintendo Wii, the Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360. Comparatively, each system has its own set of strengths and weaknesses, and while each system has a devoted following, there is no definitive “best” system on the market today. This means users have to weigh the pros and cons of each system before purchase and consider what they want to get out of their gaming experience.

Nintendo Wii: For the Casual Gamer
The Nintendo Wii is the “weakest” system in terms of visuals and online capabilities, while being the most user-friendly and intuitive of any system. The Wii positioned itself to sell to casual and demographics typically viewed as “non-gamers.” The Wii knows what it is and what it offers: a system that’s easy for anyone to pick up but can’t compete with the Xbox or Playstation in visuals or online content. If you’re someone looking for a casual, intuitive gaming experience, the Nintendo Wii may be for you.

Playstation 3: Aesthetics at Their Best
The Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 offer many of the same games, online and multimedia capabilities, and easily outstrip the performance abilities of the Wii. So what does the Playstation 3 do better than the Xbox? For one, it comes with a Blu-Ray Player, standard, which allows the system to play HD movies and have (arguably) better visual presentation in games. If you’re looking for the system that will look best on and beside”the system is physically attractive and sleek”your television, the Playstation 3 is for you.

Xbox 360: Come to Play
If you want a gaming system to play games, the Xbox 360 is what you’re looking for. Xbox 360 can play DVD’s and other media (no Blu-Ray) just like the Playstation, but it’s the gaming power of the Xbox which sets it apart. Microsoft has unquestionably the best online gaming system and the Xbox Connect makes it so players don’t even need a controller. With a visual performance comparable to the Playstation 3, if you want a system for gaming, the Xbox 360 is for you.

If a whole gaming system isn’t for you, there are gaming channels on Direct TV, where you can watch game shows and even play some easy games.

E-Bay VS Amazon When Buying Video Games

The challenge when you have a video gaming console is finding a variety of games to keep you interested, that you like to play without finishing them all up too quickly. You have heard wonderful things about how great the graphics are in this video game so you buy it. You shell out a lot of hard-earned money. New games are not cheap. You get it home, and it is as awesome as people said it was. You play the game non-stop for two weeks barely sleeping or eating. Then one of two Read the rest of this entry »

The Good The Bad And The Ugly Of Buying Games Online

For the past decade, the rate of consumer spending that is done online has increased consistently. This is particularly true for video games, where millions of games are sold online each year. When looking to buy video games online, there are several pros and cons that come with it.

One of the main advantages of buying video games online is that they can often be found cheaper than in retail stores. Online video game stores often sell new and used video games for up to 20 cheaper than what you would spend in a retail Read the rest of this entry »

Why I Like Facebook Games

As a PC and console gamer, I first took one look at games on Facebook and decided to ignore them. There was no way I was going to play terrible flash games on an Internet site. After all, Facebook is for socializing with friends and family, isn’t it?

Then I got sucked in. A friend requested I join them in playing a Facebook version of a popular board game involving the trading of properties and large amounts of pretend money that I love to play.

So, I accepted the Read the rest of this entry »

The Best Game Sites I Have Found

There are tons of gaming websites out there, but some are better than others of course. Depending on your particular gaming need, the exact website that you visit varies.

One website that is good for trading video games or getting them fixed is http://PlayNTrade.com. This website allows you to trade games with other people that use the website, and you can send in your used games to get them fixed as well. This is one of the Read the rest of this entry »

Sims 3 PC Cheat Codes

There are many games on the internet that a person will want to play endlessly, but wants that extra bit of oomph to make sure that things go correctly. People who are into games such as Sims 3 are commonly stumped by things going on in the games such as time passing too slowly, not accumulating money or popularity, and many other trivial things. These people can simply look on the internet to be able to find cheat codes that are going to be able to not only make Read the rest of this entry »

PC Games VS Online Games

These days there are games that connect an individual to millions of like-minded adventurers or combatants, while others are meant for the solo wizard or rogue. As more and more variety comes from the explosion of gaming in the 21st century, it can be confusing and hard to find something that fits. However, one can boil everything down into two categories to simplify things: those that are played online with others, and those that are not.

Online Games

The pro’s of online games are solidarity with others, experiencing the game world in groups, and conquering end-game Read the rest of this entry »

Top 10 Game Sites

There is no shortage of fun and user friendly gaming sites out there today, especially ones with thriving communities, competent webmasters, and informed writers and contributors. Here is a list of the top ten according to a majority of online gamers.

1. www.IGN.com

The guys over at IGN provide daily updates, interesting content, and even allows their users to not on play or download games from the site itself, but they also sell popular games retail.

2. www.GameSpot.com

Another extremely popular site with a huge daily visitor list.

3. www.YahooGames.com

With millions of visitors a month Read the rest of this entry »

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